Prathyasha – StepUp School for Disadvantaged Women Graduates

Prathyasha is an initiative envisaging the empowerment of young women graduates from the disadvantaged sections of communities in the State of Kerala. Over the last twenty three years CARING India have been relentlessly working for the upliftment of the marginalized, catering to their needs in manifold ways. The outlook has been simple yet deeply profound as it encircles the motto of ‘care’ in a precise perspective that gives light to the hope (“Prathyasha”) people pray for. 

CARING India through the program Prathyasha is aiming to involve approximately 25 students in a batch, thereby owing to train over 150 students a year (one complete cycle). The project is envisaged initially for 3 years and thus empowering 450 girls from remote parts of Kerala.

Objectives of the Project

  1. To provide employment oriented soft skills and training to the adolescent girls and women from marginalised communities or from economically and socially backward categories.
  2. To enhance the employability of  women graduates from remote parts of Kerala.
  3. To enhance the standard of fresh graduates so that they become acceptable to the industry. 
  4. To cater to the needs of the industry. 
  5. To create a platform where the students can work towards accessing the skills required to get into the industry. 
  6. To meet the needs of unemployed and non-employable graduates and to improve their communication as well as basic I.T. skills. 
  7. To reinforce the students’ skills and acquire industry–specific knowledge from trained faculty and experts from industries. 
  8. To offer suitable candidates to different industries. 
  9. To help young graduates to find jobs through appropriate training.