The CARING India is a charitable society, started in the year of 1996 by Rev. Samuel Thomas Varghese, following a vision in which he foresaw grave deprivation of care to the vulnerable in his community. Having a base in the capital of the State of Kerala in India, CARING India, endeavours to fulfil the motto that echoes with its name – Caring the
marginalized and to make the years of one’s lives fruitful in every way. CARING India specifically focuses to feed the hungry, care the lonely elders of the community, uplift the rural youth, by reaching out to them and making their voices heard. CARING India has had widespread recognition and ‘Pakal Veedu’ or the Day Care centre for the Elderly, one of its main pursuits, that cares for the senior citizens, envisions to make the sunset years of their lives more joyful and hopeful.