Pakalveedu – Daycare for the aged. (1st in India)

We provide a range of community support services for the elderly during the day at the center (10 am – 5 pm.)

Purpose is to enable those elderly persons, who are in need of personal care due to weak health or functional abilities, to remain in the community by providing nursing, rehabilitation, social, and personal care services.

During the day when the family members are during working hours or unable to look after them.

We provide:

  • Attention and personal care (including limited medical care) to those who depend on their family members for their daily living activities but lack family members/whose family members are unable to provide full-time care.
  • To help our members to improve, or if not possible, to at least maintain their cognitive abilities or slow down its deterioration.
  • To help our members to improve, or if not possible, to at least maintain their personal care abilities or to slow down its deterioration;
  • Opportunities for its clients to maintain social contact with other people.
  • Social and recreational activities.
  • To provide simple counseling and referral service.
  • To provide support to the carers of the member in order to strengthen, or to maintain, their motive and ability to take care of the elderly at home.

Nature of services:

  1. Meals (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  2. Personal care (e.g. bathing, hair-cutting, laundry, feeding, hair-cleaning, shaving, nail-cutting, toileting, etc);
  3. limited nursing care (e.g. management of medicine, routine medical check-up, dressing, change of urine bags, health consultation, and emergency management etc).
  4. rehabilitation service (e.g. Diet plans, Excercise regimes of yoga & pilates, physiotherapy/occupational therapy service/training etc).
  5. Activities of daily living training.
  6. Social and recreational activities (e.g. word games, leisure activities, social programs, festive day celebrations of Onam Christmas etc, our flagship beauty pageant: MR AND MRS CARING INDIA etc).
  7. Health education (e.g. diet instruction, health talks etc).
  8. Transport service to and from centre.
  9. Escort service in case of emergency.
  10. Simple counselling and referral service.
  11. Support services for carers (e.g. home visits, family activities, support groups, training to carers etc).