CAREu: Homecare & Institutional care

We constantly strive to provide availability, continuity, and reliability of care at Home & Institutions, respecting privacy and personal autonomy.

Our certified Geriatric Care Managers with our network of Nursing practitioners and social volunteers.

  • Evaluate, arrange and monitor in-home personnel and care needs.
  • Coordinate medical appointments and arrange transportation.
  • Identify social services/programs that could help the care recipient.
  • Make referrals to financial (arranging pension/insurance or other social security benefits), legal (in case of appointing power of attorney or writing will etc) or medical professionals (arranging telemedicine services with hospitals nearby and emergency ambulance services) and suggesting ways to avert problems.
  • Creatie short- and long-term care plans that could include other living arrangements.
  • Act as liaison to families who may be hundreds of miles away.
  • Answer questions and address emotional concerns of caregivers and their loved ones.
  • Arrange for relief/respite care for stressed-out caregivers.